From Consumer to Creator: Your Path to Success in the Digital Age

If you aren’t creating, you are consuming, and in today’s world, creators hold all the cards. A lot of people are convinced that the best way to earn a living is to run the rat race. you go to college, get a degree, find an entry-level position in someone else’s dream, and hope you make it up the ladder.

It’s not surprising that people get disillusioned with this method. It also doesn’t help when you go on social media and see people earning four times as much as you by running meme pages. If you are done being a consumer and wish to become a creator, then this article is for you. 

Today, we will explore what you need to do to start your own brand and audience that allows you to work from home. Let’s dive in. 

Reflect on What You Have to Offer

Ultimately, a successful creator is one that can capitalize on the ability to meet a need. The thing about business and even content creation in 2024, is that the environment is extremely open-ended. While in the past, needs were limited to goods and services that had clear purposes, the modern world allows for some…creativity. 

Think about it, influencers and people who run meme pages are able to earn money from brand collabs because of their large audience base. How did they get that audience? By fulfilling the need for relatability. A lot of people lead lonely lives and look to the internet for some sense of connection.

Talented entrepreneurs have found a way to monetize loneliness. Sure, it’s a morally gray area, but if even this can be monetized, virtually everything can. It just takes some out-of-the-box thinking to find a profitable need to fulfill. 

Remember, we are past the point of the creator needing to create content on their own. Reaction channels are some of the biggest and they create none of the content besides their own reactions. 

If you are a living, breathing person, you definitely have the skills to create an audience base. 

Building Your Online Presence

Once you have come up with a concept, be it creating motivational content, humor, or content from any other niche, it’s time to get started. The quicker you establish your online presence, the better. 

Building a page on social media is obviously the first step in this process. Spend some time brainstorming how your brand identity is to be. There are even social media marketers who can give you advice on how to best set yourself up. Sure, you might need to pay them a fee, but it’s worth it.

With your social media page established, the next step is to ensure you are posting quality content on a regular basis. When you have a consistent schedule and your followers are starting to increase, it would be good to create your own website that’s separate from social media. 

These days, options like Hocoos make website building and designing a breeze. Many of these website builders use AI to also help with basic content creation. This means that you can get your site up and running really fast. 

Having your own site is key for a number of reasons. However, the most important one is that social media platforms aren’t great platforms to directly earn money from. They are great sales funnels though, but if you are looking for brand collaborations, you need to remember that not all of them are fine with just shoutouts. 

A lot of brand collab deals involve directly selling the products through your influence and a website is the best way to facilitate this. 

Have Patience

If you are hoping for instant success and fame, you will be in for disappointment. Just as how a nine-to-five job has its share of pain points and challenges, building your own business has its own. Look at the popular brand “Pubity.” It has over 100 million followers across different platforms but it didn’t get there overnight. 

Pubity was started by two teenagers, Kit Chilvers, and Iyrah Williams, barely fourteen years old in 2014. It took them years for the brand to reach this level of success. Success comes at different times for everyone. It’s possible that you may see results quicker or later. 

There’s no predicting these things.

In conclusion, the online business/influencer hustle is still one of the most profitable ways to make money today. Too many people are nervous and hesitant to take the first step, but you never know what you are capable of if you don’t even try. 

Remember, with the number of free resources online, you have very little to lose and much to gain. 

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