Når Er Strømmen Billigst in Norway & What to Do to Lower the Bills

Have you been worried about your electricity bill lately, thinking that it could be lower, but not sure if you can do anything about it? Well, we are definitely all constantly striving towards lowering those bills, as the electricity is one of the biggest household expenses for most people and businesses in Norway. Yet, if you don’t really understand how it specifically works in Norway, that is, when the prices may be lower and when they may be higher, then chances are that you won’t succeed in lowering those bills that much.

Since you undeniably do want to see some lower numbers here, you are bound to start wondering how things really work. For the most part, you are interested in understanding how much you are paying for electricity during the day, as well as during the year, in different seasons, given that the price is bound to vary due to different factors. And, understanding the variation in prices can actually help you become much smarter when it comes to electricity consumption and thus finally be happy with the bills you’ll receive.

So, this begs one important question. Når er strømmen billigst, that is, when is electricity cheapest, in Norway? Below you will get the answer to that question, together with some tips on what it is that you can actually do in order to lower those bills of yours and start being happier with the number you are seeing. Once you understand this, you’ll have a much better idea on how to save money on electricity, which is the ultimate goal.

What Affects the Price of Electricity?

Before we get to talking about when the power may be the cheapest in Norway, we need to make sure that you understand which factors actually affect those prices. As you can see if you visit this page, the previous year has seen some decreases in overall prices, and that has to do with the overall economic situation in the world, with the amount of electricity produced in Norway, as well as with the amount that is imported.

So, what is it specifically that affects those costs? First off, there is the fact that Norway relies on hydropower, and when there is enough rainfall, and the hydropower production is amplified, the prices tend to be lower. On the other hand, when such production is lower, the prices will go up.

As you may have guessed it, this has to do with the law of the supply and the demand. Meaning, therefore, that the prices will increase during times of high demand and lower supply, which often happens to be in the winter. When consumption is high and production low, the country may have to import electricity, which is bound to reflect on your bills.

When Is Electricity Cheapest in Norway?

Now, when you are living your everyday lives, you probably don’t think too much about planning your consumption so as to lower those bills. But, you should. This is because the prices tend to fluctuate on a daily basis, not only from one season to another. Therefore, you should get a better idea about when it is that electricity is cheapest in Norway during the day, as that will allow you to carefully plan your consumption and know which appliances to use at which points during the day so as to see a significant decrease in the bill.

As you understand already, the prices are highest when the consumption hits its peak. And, consumption usually peaks in the morning, when everyone is getting ready to start the day, showering, making breakfast and so on. Similarly, the consumption is also quite high after office hours, as that is when most people go home, cook dinner and use other electrical appliances. Thus, you should expect the power to be most expensive between 8am and 9am, as well as between 17pm and 18pm.

On the other hand, the power companies report consumption to be lowest in the evening, as well as in the middle of the day. We can put this at between 12pm and 15pm, as well as 10pm and 7am, with the cheapest period being between 3am and 4am. This is when the prices are lowest, meaning that those are the periods when you should try and use your washing machines and other appliances that consume a lot of power during those times.

If you are wondering about the fluctuations that occur from one season to another, you can come to a logical conclusion if you just think about this carefully. In short, electricity is cheapest during the summer, because the consumption is lower. Nevertheless, you should remember that the weather impacts those costs as well, and when the weather is a bit “abnormal” for a certain part of the year, then it can be quite difficult to predict the consumption and, thus, the costs. In any case, you should expect the prices to be lowest in the summer.

What Can You Do to Lower the Bills?

So, you now have a much better idea about what affects those power prices. Furthermore, you have learned when it is that the consumption is lowest during the day, as well as during the year. As further explained on bestestrøår-er-strømmen-billigst/, keeping the consumption in mind will help you better predict the fluctuating prices, which will, consequently, lead to you being able to lower those power bills.

Now that you’ve gotten a better understanding of all of that, you are most likely wondering what kinds of steps you can take to actually lower the bills. Thus, this is the topic that we will focus on next. Below I will share some important tips that you can use in order to wind up paying less for the power you are using. So, without any further ado, let us check those tips out.

  • Plan Your Consumption

The most important thing to do here is plan your consumption, as that will have the biggest impact on your overall bills. Above I have explained when electricity is cheapest during the day, and you should make plans to use it during those periods, so as to ultimately lower the bills. Sure, you can’t change all of your habits, but what you can do is, for example, plan on turning on the washing machines during the night, when the prices are quite low. The same goes for other kinds of appliances that consume a lot of energy. By properly planning your consumption, you are bound to see significant improvements on those bills.

  • Upgrade to Energy-Efficient Appliances

Speaking of appliances, you should be careful not only when you are using them, but also which ones you are using. In the simplest words possible, what you should do here is think about upgrading to energy-efficient appliances. So, if you’re ready to do some shopping and change the appliances in your home, or if you’re just now furnishing and decorating a new home, make sure to take energy-efficiency into consideration and by the products that will consume less. And, since we’re on the topic of energy-efficiency in general, you should also think about improving insulation, sealing any air leaks, as well as possibly investing in lighting controls and smart thermostat, so as to gain better control of your consumption.

  • Compare Electricity Tariffs

As I am sure you understand already, the prices will depend on the actual supplier you are getting your power from. What does this precisely mean, though? Well, in short, it means that you should take time to compare electricity tariffs and switch to a different provider if you believe that they could offer you a cheaper solution. Of course, when comparing those different providers and their different plans, you should take into account your specific habits and consumption needs, so that you can ultimately get the most favorable solution. Apart from this, you could also try and negotiate a better rate with your current provider, as you could possibly get a discount for long-term commitment.

  • Make Some Behavioral Changes

Last, but not least, you should think about making some behavioral changes if you want to lower those bills. These may seem like little things, because they are, but the truth is that they will eventually add up and you will notice a huge difference on those bills. I am talking about switching the lights off when they are unnecessary, turning off appliances when you aren’t using them, unplugging chargers, and taking any other energy consumption methods that could help you reach your end goal.

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