How to play coin toss 789BET Easy to win for rookies

For new recruits, How to play coin toss Nhà cái 789BET is still a secret that needs to be discovered. Only when you find the right way to play and apply it correctly can you win more easily. If you want to find a specific and detailed plan for yourself, don’t forget to refer to the following article 789BET .

Rules to remember when playing coin toss 789BET

To help you better understand how to play coin toss 789BET When participating in the experience we will suggest some of the following rules:

The dealer is the person who puts the coin in the coin to shake. Players need to place their bets before the bowl is opened. At this time, the player will predict whether the coin will come up heads or tails. When the bowl is opened, different situations will appear:

  • If you toss the disc with 1 coin: You will choose heads or tails.
  • If you roll the disc with 2 coins: You can choose 1 of 3 different bets: same heads, same tails, 1 tail 1 tail.
  • If you roll the disc with 4 coins: This type will have many doors for you to bet on. Specifically by color, even, odd. Nowadays, how to play coin toss 789BET with 4 coins is being widely used and the same is true at the bookmaker.

If you predict the correct door, you will receive a prize. However, when the situation is the opposite, the house will collect all the money you previously placed.

How to play coin toss 789BET Easy to win for rookies

Play dice online at 789BET somewhat different from traditional play. Players need to perform some specific operations via smart devices to play. As follows:

  • First, you create the above account 789BET by registering.
  • To start playing, you need to deposit money into your account, this is an important step in playing coin toss 789BET.
  • Go to the homepage of 789BET, choose a table with a pre-programmed game or a real person as the MC. There will be many different tables A, B, C.
  • The dealer will conduct the process of shaking the disc. Before the bowl is opened, you will have 15 to 20 seconds to calculate and choose the bet door.
  • Each person will bet with a different value. However, the number of betting chips needs to be within the minimum and maximum limits. Next, you choose the door you placed.
  • At this time, you will receive a notification from the system, please confirm your agreement. When completed, you will see that your betting chips are in the desired position.
  • When Dealer opens the bowl, you will immediately see the results. If you win, you will receive a bonus amount depending on the rate at the bet. On the contrary, if you lose, you will lose your bet and play a new game.

How to listen to the disc jockey correctly

In order to guess the heads or tails of the coin toss, players need to learn how to hear the taste of the coin toss. This is how to play coin toss 789BET Experts have applied it and succeeded. However, if you are a rookie, this is not at all simple.

To hear the correct sound, you must carefully observe the odd and even sides of the coin when it is first placed on the plate. Next, you should listen to exactly how many shocks, the sound of the shock and the movement of placing the disc. In particular, you need to draw out the differences and similarities between coin tossing times.

Players said that the force of shock in playing coin toss 789BET also accounts for a large part of the coin’s tails result. If the number of shocks, force, manipulation and disc placement are the same, the similarity rate of results is up to 80%. This way, it will be easier for you to choose the door to place.

Note the Dealer’s disc placement force

If you are a rookie, it may be difficult for you to know that the power of the dealer when placing the disc is very different, an issue that needs attention when playing coin toss. 789BET. If they put it down hard on the table, consider it a coin toss. Thus the prediction results will be more accurate. However, if it’s just a light force, keep the result you predicted earlier.
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In addition, when coins and tokens are far apart, the chance of collision is less. When predicting, you also need to pay attention to this factor. The sound of the blades touching each other when bumped is very different. Deep or clear sound is the difference. This will make a difference when opening the bowl.


Through the above article we can see how to play coin toss 789BET It’s not difficult but requires you to have experience. Therefore, you should regularly participate in playing coin toss to gain more knowledge about this game. Wish you have fun and gain lots of fortune when playing at the house.

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