Dumb Head Tips What Lottery Players Should Remember

What lottery should a dumb person bet on? This is one of the difficult problems for many bettors. Understand this problem Hi88 chat We have compiled some tips to help you determine what to bet on with dumb players from experts in the lottery industry

Overview of dumb ass in lottery

What is mute lottery? Silent lottery or simply understood as having the last 2 lottery numbers in the prizes not returned in the results table of today’s drawing. There is also a concept called mute double lotteries which is a quite special form to refer to lotteries that are the same number but do not return such as 00, 11, 22… 99.

This type of lot is often divided into two main types: mute head and mute tail. You can understand as follows:

Dumb head can be simply understood as a term used to refer to numbers in the tens position that do not appear in the prizes of that day’s drawing.

The silent ending is similar, this term is used to refer to numbers in the units place that do not appear in the results table.

What number should you bet on if you’re dumb?

Next, let’s learn some tips from the experts on the issue of what lottery numbers to play with dumb players that Hi88 has compiled right here:

Know how to play the lottery when your head is dumb

Currently, there are many ways to accurately predict mute lottery numbers, one of which cannot be ignored is the method based on the number of mute heads such as: 1 head, 2 heads, 3 heads, which is very effective and highly accurate. Based on dumb head statistics as follows:

  • Lottery prediction with 1 silent number: If today on the lottery results board there is only 1 silent number (X), then the next day you will play and raise the silent lot according to pairs of numbers 0X; X0; XX and remember that the smaller the X number, the greater the chance of winning.
  • Lottery prediction with 2 silent numbers: If today in the lottery results table there are 2 silent numbers (X, Y), then the next day you should play and raise the silent lottery according to the following pairs of numbers X0; XX; Y0; YY; XY; YX.
  • Lottery prediction with 3 mute numbers: If today in the lottery results table there are 3 mute numbers (X, Y, Z), then the next day you should play and raise the mute lot according to XY number pairs; YX; YZ; ZY.

In addition, this method will also be applied to both the South and Central regions but will not have high stability. If you return this week, you should rest for 1 to 2 weeks and then continue playing in the following weeks.

Know how to play the lottery according to dumb numbers

Just like you use the method of divination with the mute head, you will also apply the same method with the mute ass, specifically as follows:

  • If you see that there is a silent beginning, A, and a silent ending, B, then take the pair of numbers you need to play as AB; FATHER; AA.
  • If there appears a dumb end, A, and 2 mute tails, B and C, then the player will only need to take AA; AB; AC is used as a bet for the next 3 consecutive prize draws.
  • In case there is 1 silent head and 3 silent tails B, C and D, the player will only need to choose the pair AB; AC; AD makes a bridge to create a fighting set in the following days.

Some tips from experts on what to play in the lottery

If you want to increase your winning rate, you will need to apply some of the following tips. These are the tips that Hi88 has compiled to help you know what lottery numbers to bet on:
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What numbers should you bet if the head is dumb?

According to some experts, these are the numbers they often bet on for a few days. Please try to remember to apply:

  • First 0: You should play 04, 06, 09.
  • Head 1: You should play 16, 17.
  • Head 2: You should play 21, 25, 29.
  • Head 3: You should play 30, 36, 39.
  • Head 4: You should play 40, 44, 45.
  • Head 5: You should play 54, 59.
  • Head 6: You should play 61, 63.
  • Head 7: You should bet 70, 71, 75.
  • Head 8: You should play 80, 82, 89
  • Head 9: You should bet 95, 92.

What numbers should the dumb tail bet on?

Similar to the tip above. Next, let’s find out with Hi88 what those numbers are:

  • Ass 0: You should play 00, 20, 80.
  • Ass 1: You should play 21, 41.
  • Ass 2: You should play 22, 52, 82.
  • Ass 3: You should play 73, 83
  • Ass 4: You should play 64, 84.
  • Ass 5: You should play 55, 85, 95
  • Ass 6: You should play 06, 16, 56.
  • Ass 7: You should play 17, 47, 67.
  • Ass 8: You should play 08, 18, 88.
  • Ass 9: You should play 29, 39, 59, 99.

Above is all the information about dumb lottery numbers that Hi88 wants to send to you. Hopefully through this article you will have more experience to find lucky numbers to play in the coming days. And don’t forget to follow Hi88 every day to be able to follow many interesting information every day.

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